Hybrid Consortium Meeting in Bari

Starting on September 7th until 10th the SWAP consortium met for the first time in a hybrid format - with physical participation at the Polytechnic University of Bari and virtual participation via Zoom. We are proud to present you the highlights of this productive week of collaboration

First Day - Tuesday 07th September

The consortium meeting was opened by our host institution, the Polytechnic University of Bari, represented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabino De Gisi. After the welcoming of the guests on site and the approximately 50 participants in Zoom, Dr.-Ing. Caterina Picuno gave a short overview on the general objectives and the contribution of the planned activities during the consortium meeting week.

These activities included two workshops on the specification of teaching and training contents for academic level (1) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (2) in the highly crucial field of Sustainable WAste management and Policies. Since the European partner institutions are each contributing their expertise in different topics in the field, the workshops were sub-divided into:

  • EUROTraining: Circular economy, risk assessment, occupational health
  • TUHH: Waste treatment processes, collection systems, legislation
  • POLIBA: Landfill siting, management, emission control
  • IFOA: Business administration, project management, financial and other aspects

  • The first day of the consortium meeting thereby closed with the parts of the first workshop held by Eurotraining, represented by M.A. Nefeli Bantela, and TUHH, represented by Dr.-Ing. Caterina Picuno and M.Sc. Laura Pagel.

    Second Day - Wednesday 08th September

    In the beginning of the second day, Prof. Dr.-Ing Sabino De Gisi from the host institution POLIBA completed the first workshop, addressing the topics of sanitary landfill construction and management.
    Following, M.A. Nefeli Bantela started the second workshop, including the practical aspects of education in occupational health and safety.
    In the last workshop part of the day, the participants were virtually led through the technical laboratory at the TUHH by two students on-site in Hamburg. They demonstrated live the operation of an Near-Infrared-Spectrometer and other equipment.
    After the demonstration the participants collaboratively collected ideas on a virtual whiteboard by answering following questions:

    • What do Stakeholders want in terms of specialized skills and process design?
    • What is needed on different levels of education: on academic level, in vocational training and in education for informal sector workers?
    • What are potential obstacles for the implementation?
    • Who are the specific groups benefiting from the programs?

    • Third Day - Thursday 09th September

      The last of the Workshop-days began with the session of IFOA, represented by Dr.-Ing. Luca Boetti and Cosetta Soragni, in which the participants worked in breakout-sessions divided by the countries of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam on the design, objectives and contents for Technical and Vocational Education and Training courses.

      Fourth Day - Friday 10th September

      The last day of the first hybrid consortium meeting began with the meeting of the Management Board, which consists of one representative per consortium partner. Among other points, the outcomes of the weeks workshops and the further progress of the SWAP project have been discussed. Right after this meeting, the Quality Board members came together to scrutinize the progress of the deliverables according to the project’s schedule. This week of events was closed by the meeting of the Advisory Board members, who brought highly valued external expertise to the SWAP project.

      Save the Date! - Upcoming Events

      We are happy to announce these upcoming events to reach out to the students, teachers, trainers, people of all ages and backgrounds, communities, authorities, companies and institutions!

      Thailand 14th September
      Vietnam 20th September Zoom-Meeting
      Cambodia 23rd September
      We will keep you updated here and on our Instagram @swappprojectofficial!