In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Team Member, Miss Mathurot Chaiharn

With heavy hearts, we share the sad news of the passing of our dedicated team member, Miss Mathurot Chaiharn. Her unwavering commitment, attention to detail, and kind spirit enriched our project and will forever be remembered.

We have some sad news to share. Our dear team member, Miss Mathurot Chaiharn, has passed away. She had been fighting cancer, but sadly, she didn’t win the fight.
Mathurot was a very important part of our MJU SWAP team. She worked really hard and helped our project a lot. She was really good at paying attention to small details, which made things work better, especially when people registered for our project. She cared a lot about what she did, and that made our project better. Even in our last meeting in Thailand, she was excited and dedicated.
But Mathurot was not only good at her job – she was also a kind and friendly person. She was always ready to help and talk to anyone. Her positivity and kindness made working with her really nice.
This news is a big surprise and very sad for all of us. In these tough times, let’s remember Mathurot for working hard, being kind, and being strong. We feel really sorry for her family and friends.
Mathurot was proud to be part of the SWAP project and liked working with all of you. Let’s remember her by also working with passion, just like she did.
Right now, is a sad time, but let’s come together to remember Mathurot and the good things she brought to our project.
We hope Mathurot is in a peaceful place now.
With heartfelt sympathy,