Introduction #1: TUHH

The Sustainable Resource and Waste Management research group of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is the coordinating institution of the SWAP Project – and proud to open the round of introductions to the teams and activities of each project partner.

General Information

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) – located in Hamburg, Germany - has been a competitive entrepreneurial university focusing on high-level performance and high quality standards since 1978. TUHH is dedicated to the principles of Humboldt (unity of research and education).
Aiming at excellency at the national and international level in its strategic research fields, it educates young engineers and academics within demanding programs using advanced teaching methods. It awarded 95 PhD degrees in 2019.

With its staff of 25 researchers and technical assistants, the Sustainable Resource and Waste Management research group addresses in depth all questions regarding circular economy focusing on waste resources, such as plastics, metals or organics, energy system analysis, renewable energies, anaerobic system analysis and bioeconomy.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Kuchta is a full professor since 2002 and head of the research group on Sustainable Waste Resource Management. She studied Waste and Environmental Technology at Berlin University of Technology and Universidade Nova de Lisboa and did her PhD at Darmstadt University of Technology. Her research focus is on waste resource management and waste technologies, polymer and metal recycling, ecoeconomy, environment and sustainable development with several publications on international and national journals. In addition, she has long practice and expertise in biological waste treatment, waste to energy technologies, nutrient recovery from organic wastes, biogas production from wastes, polymer recycling and 3D printing and bioeconomy. She is the Senior Coordinator of the SWAP project.

Dr.-Ing. Caterina Picuno is a research associate with an expertise in sustainable plastic waste management and treatment. She is project manager of the SWAP project and supports activities related to the development of training materials and dissemination of the project’s results.

M.Sc. Laura Pagel is a research associate and PhD candidate working on the identification of prospects to enhance circularity in municipal solid waste management, also investigating the role of consumer behavior. In the SWAP project she supports the project management and dissemination activities.

M.A. Anja Bernhardt is an expert in international and intercultural management and functions as a link between science and administration in the Sustainable Resource and Waste Management research group. She supports the project management of the SWAP project.

M.Sc. Sabine Herrmann is financial officer and therefore the administrative contact person for the financial management of the SWAP Project.

SWAP Activities run by TUHH

The Sustainable Resource and Waste Management group of the TUHH is the coordinating institution of the SWAP Project. The TUHH will support in the development WPs by developing training and teaching materials. Specifically, topics like waste treatment unit processes, waste legislation and Extended Producer Responsibility, waste collection, recyclables waste treatments and waste management plans, composting of bio-degradable waste, sorting and recycling of recyclables, waste auditing, social aspects (integrating informal workers) are the topics of the teaching materials of WP2 and WP3.