Say no to single-use plastic

MJU commits to reduce single-use plastic waste

MJU has implemented policies, guidelines and action plans on waste management, with the aims to reduce the amount of garbage sending to landfills to a minimum and to move forwards to green university. In recent years, MJU has launched activities to promote single use plastic reduction in the campus such as MJU zero waste project, MJU recycle hub and Say no to plastic bag project. The policy to reduce one-time use plastics has been encouraged in all shops on campus including MJU organic market. Plastic cups and foam in the canteen and coffee shops are replaced with biodegradable cups and containers. Straws and plastic utensils are only distributed upon request. All shops has offered an incentive by giving discounts to those who bring personal cups when buying drinks and food. Recycle hub was also held to raise awareness of staff and students on waste sorting and separation, waste reduction and waste recycle. Moreover, mobile applications both MJU zero waste and ECOLIFE were promoted for plastic and foam reduction. MJU will continue to encourage the use of compostable plastics, reused containers and fabric totes.