World Environment Day

Since we only have this one planet, we need to conserve it. The World Environment Day on 5th June reminds us that now is the best moment to clean up #GenerationRestoration

Picture by on Pexels

Since 1974, the World Environment Day is raising awareness for the most pressing global issues: climate change, decreasing biodiversity, and pollution of air, soil and water bodies. This year, the focus is on reviving and healing Earth’s ecosystems - also marking the beginning of the UN Decade of Restoration.
Southeast Asia is home to phenomenal biodiversity and wonderful natural areas. However, the countries are also facing growing amounts of waste, which, without proper handling, can be harmful for nature and people.

Picture of a Landfill near Pattaya City, Thailand by Leonid Dalinov on Pexels

We, the SWAP project community, are eager to contribute to overcoming this challenge, by dedicating ourselves to building educational capacity in the field of waste management - the foundations of tomorrow’s experts of the #GenerationRestoration.

Don’t miss the events, talks and expert panels hosted by the UNEP. You can find the schedule here.