Introduction #4: EUROTraining

EUROTraining is an educational organisation and proud to be one of the four European Partners of SWAP Project consortium.

General information

EUROTraining is a Vocational Educational Centre of national scope, which holds three affiliations in three main cities in Greece - Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos. The organization is specialised in the sectors of Entrepreneurship, ICT, Financial Management and Tourism and aims to satisfy the needs of enterprises, bodies & organizations both in the public and the private sector, by addressing the labor potential of the market who wants to upgrade their qualifications and abilities. This may include unemployed people, newly employed people, new and young entrepreneurs, employees, disabled people, enterprises officers, graduates of high schools and Universities, and others.
EUROTraining provides modern vocational training programs, web-based Learning Management Systems, human resources training seminars, and inter-entrepreneurship training seminars. Its main objectives are the

  • acquisition and development of qualifications and professional skills for employees,
  • upgrade and the continuous update of professional skills for individuals,
  • development and promotion of entrepreneurship with special emphasis on young people,
  • the provision of integrated consulting and training services.

Team EUROTraining

M.A. Nefeli Bantela is working in the implementation of EU projects. She has a BA (Languages and Literature) from the University of Athens and an MA from the University of Birmingham, UK. She was a trainee of the Council of the European Union and has experience in public relations and event management. As a project implementation officer, she has implemented EU projects related to entrepreneurship, education for VET students, vulnerable groups training and sustainability.

M.Sc. Katerina Kostakou is a project manager at the R&D Department. She has a B.Sc. from National University of Athens (Faculty of Law, Economic and Political Sciences, Department of Economics) and a MSc in Applied Economics and Finance (Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Economics). She has worked under the direction of Economic Development & Public and has rich experience in the management and implementation of national and EU- projects.

SWAP Activities run by EUROTraining

The EUROTraining Team is involved in numerous activities in the project, but mainly as Leader of Workpackage 2: Building capacity for improvement of graduates’ employaility. The Team is also responsible for the Tasks 2.1 and 2.2 which comprise

  • Preparatory activities for the workshops and the study visits
  • Two workshops for definition of university educational products
  • Development of teaching material (existing courses or a newly established courses on Sustainable Solid Waste Management)
  • Delivery of teaching material to the Asian Partners for translation into the local language
  • and academic staff training.

Additionally, EUROTraining is developing teaching and training material together with the European Universities TUHH and POLIBA - and complements with its expertise on the Circular Economy concept, risk assessment and occupational health.